Creating a cozy outdoor living space is a fantastic way to enjoy the beauty of nature while relaxing in the comfort of your own home. Adding cabinets to this space can not only provide functional storage but also enhance the overall aesthetic appeal. Let’s explore how we can help you create a cozy outdoor living space with outdoor cabinets.

Step 1: Plan and Design

Start by envisioning how you want your outdoor living space to look and what purposes it will serve. Consider the available space, your lifestyle, and the activities you want to enjoy in this area. Once you have a clear vision, create a detailed plan and design that includes the cabinets. Whether you want to entertain guests, have a fully stocked chef’s kitchen in your patio, or just a few cabinets

Step 2: Choose the Right Cabinets

Our new cabinets from NatureKast are specifically designed for outdoor use, as they will be exposed to various weather conditions. Realistic panels that mimic the appearance of wood, stack stone, brick, and coral stone, along with molded items like corbels, trim, and crown moldings, now offer a wide range of design options that were previously limited to indoor cabinetry. This extensive product line includes various feature-rich base cabinets, grill cabinets, insert cabinets, ceramic grill cabinets, benches, hoods, and even wall and tall cabinets. With such a diverse selection, you can now bring these design possibilities to your outdoor living space. Ensure that the cabinets have proper sealing to protect them from moisture, dirt, and sunlight. Additionally, choose cabinets that complement the existing style of your outdoor space.

Outdoor cabinets on the deck

Step 3: Placement

Identify the best location in your outdoor living space to install the cabinets. Consider factors such as accessibility, functionality, and aesthetics. Depending on your needs, you can install cabinets against a wall, integrate them into an outdoor kitchen, or create a standalone cabinet unit. Our experienced design consultants can help you plan out the layout and create the best configuration of cabinets for your space.

Step 4: Storage and Organization

Determine what items you will store in the outdoor cabinets. This could include outdoor cushions, gardening tools, cooking utensils, or even small appliances. Install adjustable shelving or drawers to maximize storage space and allow for easy organization. Consider adding hooks or racks inside the cabinets to hang smaller items.

Step 5: Lighting

Proper lighting can greatly enhance the ambiance of your outdoor living space. Install task lighting on the underside of the cabinet to provide functional lighting for tasks such as food preparation or reading. Additionally, consider installing decorative lighting fixtures on top of the cabinets to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in the evening.

Lighting above outdoor bar and outdoor kitchen

Step 6: Decorating

To make your outdoor living space feel cozy and inviting, consider adding decorative touches. Hang outdoor artwork or mirrors on the walls above the cabinets to create a visually appealing focal point. Decorative plants, outdoor rugs, and throw pillows can also contribute to the overall coziness of the space.

Step 7: Maintenance

To ensure that your outdoor cabinets remain in good condition, regular maintenance is necessary. Clean the cabinets regularly according to the manufacturer guidelines to remove any dirt or debris. Apply a suitable outdoor furniture protector or sealer to protect the cabinets from the elements. Check for any signs of wear or damage, and make repairs as needed.

By following these steps, you can create a cozy outdoor living space with cabinets that will provide both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Whether you’re looking to host outdoor gatherings, relax with a book, or simply enjoy the beauty of nature, a well-designed outdoor living space with cabinets is the perfect addition to your home. Contact our cabinet designers today and let’s create the outdoor space of your dreams!