DuChateau, known for its exceptional craftsmanship in wood treatment and creative design in hardwood flooring, has released an exciting array of new wall coverings that blend artisan skill with the natural beauty of walnut and white oak. Each collection varies in theme and aesthetic appeal, perfectly catering to distinctive tastes and styles. Here’s a deep dive into DuChateau’s latest offerings, promising both allure and functionality tailored for any space. Every piece is measured, cut, shaped, sanded, stained, finished, and joined by hand.

DuChateau Wall Coverings Motif Contour Raw Walnut   DuChateau Wall Coverings Forma-Flat-Wall-Natural


  • Blume – Designed to mimic a flowerhead’s natural form, Blume wall coverings stitch together five-sided petals in a dynamic, non-linear pattern. Available in both flat and dimensional forms, the latter adds a sculptural quality to walls with its angled surfaces catching light to dramatic effect. Each piece meticulously handcrafted underlines a unique celebration of walnut’s biotic origins.
  • FormaResembling natural pebbles, Forma introduces an organic irregularity reminiscent of a grand mosaic. This design, too, comes in flat and dimensional options, the latter enhancing any wall it adorns with shadowy depths. The textured surface of Forma embodies DuChateau’s commitment to manual craftsmanship, showcasing bespoke luxury in every hand-shaped piece.
  • Contour – Contour employs elongated shapes to craft linear, architectural silhouettes across any surface it graces. This collection also embraces both flat and dimensional forms, making it versatile for different installation preferences. Like its siblings, it’s profoundly rooted in artisanal tradition, every bit shaped and sanded by skilled artisans.

DuChateau Wall Coverings Intervals-Darkened-Walnut-Bedroom


Highlighting the acoustic features of wall coverings, the Intervals Collection brings forward lacquer-finished veneers backed by felt to enhance sound insulation. This series is not only aesthetically pleasing but also acoustically functional, making it ideal for upscale environments where ambiance is key. The veneers are available in five muted shades, enhancing the quiet sophistication of any space.

DuChateau Wall Coverings Pictura-Chord-Natural


DuChateau’s new Pictura series embraces a spectrum of designs, all inspired by Leon Battista Alberti’s “De Pictura”. Each style within this series—Cadence, Chord, Lunette, and Rhythm—turns any flat surface into a captivating scene of depth and dynamics.

  • Cadence uses light and shadow to bring its unidirectional slants to life, creating a kinetic visual dance across its installation.
  • Chord draws on classic deco inspirations, giving structures a solid, commanding presence.
  • Lunette, named after the French word for “little moon,” offers a subtle, arching design that plays with perspectives based on the viewer’s angle.
  • Rhythm introduces a sporadic, syncopated design that changes nuances from different viewpoints, much like an improvised melody.

Each of these collections speaks to the heart of DuChateau’s mission: to merge artistic vision with natural materials, creating wall coverings that are not only decorative but tell a story of timeless craftsmanship and design. Whether it’s the whimsical floral patterns of Blume, the organic touch of Forma, the bold architectural lines of Contour, or the acoustically enhanced features of Intervals, the latest offerings from DuChateau are sure to elevate any interior space into a realm of bespoke elegance and stylistic depth.

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